ENCOUNTER, Lula Japan.
"You gonna Cry Alone" by L'Officiel Baltics.
A great warm distance on L'Officiel.


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About the publication: Based in London, Schön! Magazine features cutting-egde talents across the globes since 2009. It is a biannual publication available in print as well as online. Living up to its title in German which means "beautiful", Schön! Magazine showcases "stunning, innovative and luxury in high-quality digital form".
About the publication:  Founded in 2012,  Flanelle magazine is an emerging Montreal based Fashion magazine which targets sophisticated and provocative young adults. Flanelle is a fast growing image-heavy seasonal launching fashion magazine for both men and women known for its inspiring editorials. Distinguishing itself from other magazines by its sheer volume and its visual approach of fashion, Flanelle aims to position itself as a blend of fashion, culture and art.