Anāme - A Jewellery Lifestyle Brand

About the brand

Anāme’s lifestyle collection is a set of cosmopolitan designs that pay homage to the richness of South East Asian heritage with a touch of European minimalism. 

Founded by Camille, who grew up between Europe and South East Asia, the designs of Anāme celebrate and explore plural identities. It is an attempt at bridging memories and history, and honoring cultural roots. It is an invitation to embark on a voyage into a mysterious, luxurious Rêverie. Somewhere between South East Asia and Europe.

As a consequence, Anāme hopes to evoke dreams and wanderlust, to empowers women (and men) to express and showcase their individuality and identity. It is more than just a product;  Anāme celebrates plural identities, memories of our personal history that can lead us to new exploration. It is a lifestyle. Have a glimpse at Anāme's lookbook.  

A word from Camille Ly, founder and creative director.

“Anāme is a nostalgic homage to my cultural roots and upbringing. At its core, Anāme is a celebration of the small “cultural” details of life that shape who we are and become triggers of introspection. For me, it’s a ginkgo leaf, a pattern on a tile, a door frame. Growing up and living between Asia and Europe for my entire life, creating Anāme is for me being on a voyage, a visual journey through personal memories and histories of my cultural heritages. For me, it is like a Rêverie. I hope the brand inspire you to wander, to dream, to explore.” - C.L.xx

About the product lines

Anāme offers a luxurious and affordable collection of bespoke and demi-fine jewelry, using precious metals as a base. Inspired by the designer and creative director's cultural heritage (s), the designs are modern heirlooms reminiscent of Art Deco and traditional heritage architecture and tropical flora.

To complement the sophisticated and effortlessly chic look, Anāme offers a unique line of 100% mulberry silk twill scarves.